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Welcome to my blog posts. You’ll find a variety of subjects covered within these blogs, exploring all aspects of individual, couple and family relationship difficulties as well as loss and bereavement. I hope you find these interesting and if they spark any further questions please get in touch by completing the contact form or following my Facebook page.

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About Joanne

Why Choose Me
  • I am truly passionate about working with couples and individuals to support them through their journey of exploration to achieve stronger, healthier and fulfilling relationships
  • I am a couples/individual counsellor with many years of experience working with Relate and in private practice
  • My clients describe me as an approachable, kind and empathic person who they feel at ease with
What I Offer


  • A highly professional and confidential service
  • A relaxed, welcoming atmosphere in all my sessions, with humour interjected, which is so important when building relationships
  • A range of therapeutic interventions and creative techniques to support you in expressing your thoughts and needs, if this does not come easy to you

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