Relationship counselling is a form of therapy that can help you work through issues and resolve conflicts within your relationships - whether they be with a partner, family member or work colleague. All relationships experience ups and downs; this is quite normal, but it is how we readjust to these challenges which can determine how strong our relationships are. If you are finding that some issues seem too difficult to resolve alone, it may be time to seek experienced support. I can help you to work out these issues through online relationship counselling. Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • Do you no longer feel able to talk to your partner? Do your conversations always seem to turn into an argument? Or maybe you choose not to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner for fear of the response that you may get?
  • Do you find that you do not want to return to your home at the end of a busy day as you feel your partner does not understand you? Do you feel that whatever you say or do seems to be wrong?
  • Since the children came along, do you feel your relationship with your partner no longer seems to be a priority?
  • Are you needing to be close and intimate with your partner, but your partner does not seem to reciprocate, leaving you feeling alone in your relationship?
  • Are you finding that you are no longer interested in your partner but unsure why? Maybe you are questioning whether to stay or go?
  • Or, have you noticed that in each relationship you get involved with, the same unhealthy patterns are repeated and you want this to change?

The above issues are all complex. When you are emotionally invested in a relationship it can be difficult to step outside of the relationship and view it from an objective perspective. I can help, I am here to support you to unpick and explore what is really happening in your relationship. As a fully qualified couples and relationship counsellor with many years of experience working in private practice and Relate, these are the issues that many of my clients bring to our sessions and together we seek to resolve.

You can find out more about the online relationship counselling services I offer below. If you would like advice about which type of online counselling is right for you or have any other questions, please do contact me


Have you noticed that your relationships seem to follow the same patterns, or you are finding it difficult to initiate or maintain a relationship? If so, then individual relationship counselling can help you to understand why this is happening and help you break these unhealthy patterns of relating.
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Couples counselling can be helpful at any time in a couple's relationship but especially at times when trust is broken, or arguments are becoming more frequent. It may be that communication is poor or you feel the relationship is stuck in bad patterns or emotional or physical intimacy has diminished. If you relate to any of these, having someone to listen and empathise can support your journey to a more fulfilling and healthier relationship.
All families experience troubles and tough times. With so many intertwined emotions it is often difficult for you as a family to unravel these and find the root cause of the problem. Online family counselling, suitable for age 16+, provides a safe place for you and your family to explore the dynamics of your family and find new, healthier ways of relating to each other.
Suffering a loss or a bereavement can unexpectedly plunge you into a hugely emotional phase in your life. The grieving process is unique to each individual and sometimes we can get stuck in this process. Loss and bereavement counselling can provide support by giving you someone to listen and who will empathise, and can help to ease your journey at this difficult time.

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You’ll find a variety of subjects covered within my blog posts, exploring all aspects of individual, couple and family relationship difficulties as well as loss and bereavement.