Feb 4, 2020
4 Myths About Couples Counselling

Couples counselling can feel alien and you may be nervous to venture into the unknown, so let me bust some of the myths I’ve heard about couples counselling. You’ll soon see the benefits it can bring.

Myth 1 - Couples counselling is only for couples when they are experiencing severe problems 

Life has a habit of throwing challenges at us, whether these are financial difficulties, parenting, redundancy, or an affair. During these times a couple may not be able to cope or navigate their way through these problems alone. Sometimes couples just find that their relationship is stuck in a rut and need support to re-examine the relationship in order to find a way forward. Couples counselling can be extremely helpful during any of the above experiences to support you both in work through these issues and finding your own solutions.

Myth 2– The Couples Counsellor will just sit there and nod

Couples counselling is not just a chat over coffee. Working alongside a couples counsellor to address your relationship problems means that you will be able to get a different perspective, an observer view, of what is happening in your relationship. This is a difficult perspective to achieve as a couple, as you are both so emotionally involved. Family or friends sometimes offer their advice - however, again, they are emotionally invested in the relationship. Having a non-judgmental, neutral perspective can be beneficial to support you to make positive changes in your relationship.

Myth 3 – Everyone will know our relationship is in trouble and we are seeing a couples counsellor

As a couples counsellor, I am bound by professional ethics to protect your confidentiality and privacy during and after the counselling ends. There are situations that may require me to break confidentiality and these are situations when there may be a risk of harm to yourselves or to others, or someone is in imminent danger. It may also be that a court orders records to be released. Confidentiality is always explained with you before we go ahead with the counselling process. Online couples counselling also means that our sessions are conducted from your own home which also helps you maintain your privacy.

Myth 4 – Couples counselling is expensive and takes forever

Couples counselling will cost money and may be considered a luxury, but most people are able to finance gym memberships, weight loss groups etc. which are all investments into your own wellbeing. Think of couples counselling as another means to ensure you stay healthy. Your relationship is important, and couples counselling offers you the opportunity to prioritize, invest in and explore your relationship which can pay dividends to you both. Before you engage in couples counselling, we shall agree on how many sessions we will have together. Most couples have approx. 6 – 10 weekly sessions but we review our progress regularly.

If you are experiencing problems with your relationship and would like to explore the possibility of online couples counselling, then please do contact me via the contact page on the website or call 07877 072741.

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